News from the Instructional Chair includes mechanics, rules revisions and additions as well as news from around the So. Cal. area.

2016 Memo #1
Mar 15, 2016
RE: 2016 Season

Memo #2 

Feb 26, 2015
 2015 Season

Memo #1 

Feb 4, 2015
 Rules and Points of Emphasis

Pre-Season Memorandum
Jan 5, 2015
Instructional Chair Caucus, New Mechanics, Study Guide

2015 STUDY GUIDE AND RULES REVISIONS are now available under the training tab above.

Jan 7. A mechanics addendum has been posted to the training documents.

Jan 13. Below you will find the instructions for logging in to take tests.

o   In the upper right hand area of the main screen click on “student site”

o   Follow the instructions on the next page:

1.    Sign Up

·       User name must be:

o   First initial Last name followed by 2015

o   Example: if your name is John Smith, your user name will be JSmith2015.

o   IF, for any reason, that name already exists insert middle initial (JDSmith2015) etc.

2.    Search for your instructor’s classes:

·       Class should be the name of your local association

o   Mojave Desert Officials Association, etc

·       Instructor is me; Bradley Hungerford

·       Quiz is: 2015 CBUA Study Guide

3.    Register for your class:

·       Once you find your class click on the box to the left of it and then click the register icon.

·       This will register you for the class. Once I receive the request from the domain site I will accept your membership.

4.    Start taking quiz(s)