Pre-Season Memorandum

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Date:      January 5, 2015
To:         CBUA Instructional Chairmen
Copy:     CBUA Executive Board, Ken Allan
From:     Bradley Hungerford, CBUA Executive Instructional Chairman
Re:         Instructional Chair Caucus, New Mechanics, Study Guide

·         INSTRUCTIONAL CHAIRMAN CAUCUS: I am very pleased to announce that on Sunday, October 26, 2014 ALL 13 CBUA represented association’s instructional chairmen met in Riverside to discuss, among other things, the umpire development program for the CBUA and some acceptable mechanics alterations to the NFHS Mechanics manual. A lot of good feedback and sharing was given to assist in every unit’s training programs.

·         NEW CBUA WEBSITE: I am pleased to announce that we have a new CBUA website. This website is: Here you will be able to find all of the information pertaining to the CBUA. Please check back often as more information will be added as it becomes available.

·         MECHANICS: The NFHS Mechanics manual is the ONLY accepted manual to be used in high school games governed by the associations that represent the CBUA. Even though there are many that feel there is a better manual to be used, this is the mechanics manual that has been adopted by the CBUA. That being said, the instructional chairmen have met, discussed, and voted to make the following alterations to the mechanics manual used by our CBUA umpires.

o   BASE UMPIRE TAKING PLAYS IN FOUL TERRITORY: It is crucial that base umpires, with no one on base, take AS MANY plays in fair territory as possible. Too many times umpires feel the need to take plays in foul territory rather than fighting to take the play in fair territory.



    • GIVING UP FAIR/FOUL: When there is a pop up above or near the first base line and U1 could inhibit the 1st and or 2nd basemen, give up that fair/foul and catch/no-catch to the plate umpire. U1 should come into the infield, chest up to the ball and be prepared for any subsequent play on the batter-runner. 


o   WHEN THE BASE UMPIRE GOES OUT, HE WILL STAY OUT: I know that in the past, when the base umpire would go out to the outfield to rule on a fly ball that he/she was to next rotate back to home plate. We feel that it would be more beneficial to the 2-umpire crew for the base umpire to stay out, but keep umpiring. The base umpire can still observe things taking place during the play i.e.: obstruction, interference and even position of the batter runner at the time of the throw to assist on placing the runner. The plate umpire will be responsible for all plays on the batter runner at all bases.



o   NO RUNNERS ON BASE, BATTER RUNNER TO 3RD: The plate umpire will no longer be rotating to 3rd base to rule on plays on the batter runner. The base umpire will now be responsible for all plays on the batter runner at 1st, 2nd and 3rd base.


o   BASE UMPIRE NOT TO CROSS FOUL LINE FOR PLAY AT 3RD: There is an advanced umpiring mechanic where the base umpire crosses the foul line to take a play on the batter runner at 3rd base from the 3rd base coaching box. Despite seeing some of the advantages to this mechanic, the Instructional Chairmen felt that this mechanic should not be utilized at the high school level. Umpires/evaluators saw too many umpires attempting to get to the coaches box and, in doing so, vacated their main responsibilities. Furthermore, majority of the umpires attempting to utilize this mechanic were not getting set for their plays when attempting to get into foul territory, some actually interfered with players and or coaches, and some even had runners return to 2nd base putting them in a worse position. Therefore, base umpires will rule on plays at 3rd on the batter runner from the infield cut out.



o   RUNNERS ON 2ND, 2ND & 3RD OR 3RD BASE ONLY: U1 assumes the “C” position half way between the mound and 2nd base on the 3B side of the infield. He is lined up so that an imaginary line will travel from home plate, through the edge of the mound and through his midsection. There is NO OPTION for this mechanic. This is crucial to stay ahead of the runners AND to be close enough for a pickoff attempt at 3rd base.



o   WHEN THE PLATE UMPIRE WILL ROTATE TO 3RD: The plate umpire will only rotate to 3rd base on 2 occasions:

§  Runner on 1st or 1st & 3rd and a play develops on the runner coming from 1st to 3rd:




§  Runners on 1st & 2nd, fly ball tag of runner on 2nd:





·         Runners on 1st and 2nd, fly ball down the right field line which requires the plate umpire to take the catch/no catch in right field.




Happy New Years to you all, welcome to the 2015 season.

Bradley L. Hungerford

CBUA Executive Instructional Chairman

(760) 272-0671

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